Question by  selvamuthu (28)

What's the latest in cruise wear?

I am going on a cruise soon and I am excited to get a whole new set of clothes.


Answer by  MarjiS (128)

I see that cruising is just going on vacation so I want to get some cute half tops with fringe or trim on the bottom and some deck shoes with floral or other designs on them. A handbag that is called a "hobo" bag is very chic.


Answer by  mii (237)

If you're going on a cruise you want something comfortable, something to sleep in, and to lounge in around your room, and something to go to the nice shops and restaurants on the ship. I would reccommend a few cocktail dresses and a few casual dresses. Also, some jeans, Tshirts, slacks and a bathingsuit.


Answer by  purefusion (88)

Your cruise printed material should give you great hints about what to pack: such as number of formal nights, any themed nights (ours had Hawaiian shirt night), and so forth. Then think about what kind of activities you want to do on board or at a port and pack for that too. Versatility is great, such as convertible clothes.


Answer by  Gigi23 (139)

Forget the LBD, this season it's all about the LWD--the Little White Dress. No other item in your wardrobe can give you the versatility of an LWD. Wear it on its own for your off-boat excursion and pair it with a colorful sweater for dinner.


Answer by  Judith87 (79)

To fully enjoy a cruise you need casual clothes and sensible shoes. You can be very chic with white and blue sets - simple, linear skirts, blue classic or capri pants-. But don't forget to bring with you a couple of sexy little dresses for the night.


Answer by  calcio (40)

Anything short and colorful is my recomendation for a cruise. You want to be relaxed and happy in a cruise and you achieve a sexy look wearing short shorts, short skirts, maxi dresses and tank tops.

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