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Question by  naenae2000 (39)

What's a good home remedy to get rid of razor burn?


Answer by  dialfoust (220)

One of the best home remedies around for razor burn, or any kind of burn for that matter, would have to be the old faithful Aloe Vera plant. You just break open a shoot and apply the juice from inside to your burn area. This will also soothe the burning sensation.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

A tiny bit of hydrocortizone cream is beneficial to redness and irritation. Use shaving cream with aloe and never soap. Using a hair-dissolving product will eliminate shaving. After shaving, use a lotion or cream to keep dryness away. Shaving after you bathe or shower makes sure skin is hydrated.


Answer by  shadowb (106)

Witch hazel, which can be purchased where shaving supplies are sold, is excellent for simple razor burns. Simply dab it on the area. Or you could try aloe vera lotion.


Answer by  bo (874)

Aloe can always soothe the skin for any type of burn. It would be good to make sure the skin is clean and air can get to the burn. Aloe or a cool compress will help it heal and not hurt so bad.

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