Question by  kmckay3 (17)

What would cause the screen on my Dell Inspiron to blank out?

It doesn't seem to caused by a specific action on the computer.


Answer by  jwhawk (7)

I'm assuming "blank out" means it goes black. If it appears random (ie, no specific software action or button press induces it), the problem is most likely to be a broken LCD inverter. It could also be the LCD screen itself, but this is less likely.


Answer by  sakume (131)

This can be caused by a poor connection between the graphics card and the screen itself. Another culprit may also be bad drivers or lack of drivers for the graphics card in question, but the most likely answer would be a conflict between hardware installed on the Dell Inspiron itself, as opposed to drive and software related issues.


Answer by  matt1930 (84)

It can come from the VGA or DVI cable not fully plugged in or the result of a graphic board problem: maybe an electronic component has melted. If your graphic chipset is integrated, you could have to change the motherboard. It is still possible that the problem comes from the screen itself, maybe an electronic component has failed.

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