Question by  samar (124)

My Dell Inspiron 1000 won't power on or reset. Help!


Answer by  sparkboy (40)

Check to see that the power cable is plugged into the power source on the back of the computer. Also check to see that the power cable is plugged into the wall. If it is and the computer still won't turn on check the wall socket.


Answer by  murugan117 (22)

Issues related to Power might be because of problems with either the BATTERY or the connecting chord. Please check if the power chord is fine, In other case the bios cell might need to be replaced. Above this, the power setting or the power plug could also have got damaged. The same applies to reset button.


Answer by  mb (5482)

First make sure you have the power cord plugged in, then make sure your power switch is not disconnected inside the casing. After that contact Geek Squad.


Answer by  Christina16 (57)

Have you made sure that your computer is plugged in? Is the power out in your neighborhood? Did you try unplugging it awhile and then replugging it back in and trying again? If none of the above works try out a can of condensed air, normally when something electronic does'nt work for me after i dust it it does work.

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