Question by  Milly (14)

What would cause my motorcycle to stall when slowing down?


Answer by  choctaw (361)

It's hard to say. Blow out your air filter for one. If that doesnt work, adjust the idle up. You can also check the vacum lines and see if they have blown off. Try replacing the fuel filter, use a gas treatment and if these easy solutions don't work, when was your last tune up?


Answer by  sakthi68 (37)

Due to a faulty spark plug a bike may stall. sometimes when you leave the choke in on position or in half way through position, this problem may occur. Quality of fuel used is another contributing factor. Bad engine tuning and clogged carburetor are other villains. Worn out brake pads may be the other reason.


Answer by  Tm (30)

Several things could cause a motorcycle to stall when slowing down including leaving it in gear when coming to a stop or not properly releasing the clutch. A bad generator / alternator might also cause the problem if your battery is weak. Additionally, a dirty plug or corroded wires might contribute to such an issue.


Answer by  karenb (51)

You are likely in the wrong gear or did not gear down properly. Listen to how your motorcycle sounds, if you are too high a gear it will sound really high pitched whiney. On a corner, it is really easy to "dump" te bike so mcake sure you are doing this correctly.

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