Question by  crystallenard (4)

What would cause my arm to hurt and feel like a rubber band inside has snapped?

It's been going on since I gave birth six weeks ago.


Answer by  honeybear829 (6)

What could have made your arm feel like a rubber band inside has snapped is that you could have a contusion in the arm, which is a bruise on the muscle. The position to give birth placing that strain on the body repreatedly could have done that to your arm.

posted by Anonymous
I was about to lift a 52" flat screen television and opened my arms very wide as i grasp the corners of the tv my right arm felt a electric snapp and for a few minutes lost use of the arm. I think im fine. am i?  add a comment

Answer by  Allstar (2071)

You could have pulled a muscle or tendon. As much as childbirth hurts, I can see it going unnoticed until later. Have a doctor look at it.

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