Question by  SMITHAPR (3)

What would be the point of putting a double door in a basement?


Answer by  Hugsyrocks (21)

A double door on a basement can prevent unwanted people from entering the basement. It can also keep heat or cold in the basement (depending on the season).


Answer by  lb33 (10)

The point of putting a double door in a basement would be to allow access for larger items. A great example of this would be a ride-on lawnmower.


Answer by  mauro (45)

Perhaps for the reason of enhancing the look of the quarters,and also maybe to increase input as well as output of people entering and exiting simultaneously and can be very beneficial to emergency situations.


Answer by  joshm89 (491)

A double door would seem to add value as it seems more of an apartment type depending on where the double door is located. If it leads outside to the drive way, it would be a definite score. Otherwise, it could be for the looks of the house to the way you want it.

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