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Question by  WetBlanket (10)

What will cause diseases in the eye and sneezes in the nose?


Answer by  pagan23 (1342)

The most common cause of this is the every day cold and flu virus. It can give you all sorts of ailments.


Answer by  Sally1049 (158)

It could be a cold or allergies. but if you have a yellow discharge in your eyes, you may have pinkeye, which needs to be treated by a doctor.


Answer by  Elmore (124)

"Pink Eye" is due to dilation of the blood vessels that supply the white of the eye. Inflammation is the cause of "Pink Eye. " However, there are many causes of this infection (viral, bacterial, or other microorganisms), allergy(often resulting in sneezing), toxic inflammation, generalized or non-specific inflammation, and trauma in some people.


Answer by  mahee (720)

Virous attack can be the cause of the eye disease or sneezes.We have to work out then dust can also effect our eyes and it also creat sneezes.too much cold also cause of it.

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