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Question by  Jodi (29)

Should I be concerned about swelling on a childs face?

My six year old woke up this morning with swelling around his eyes and nose.


Answer by  SIDDHU (861)

Yes you should be very well concerned about swelling around his eyes and nose. These are sensitive areas and he might have got hurt. Sometimes due to poisonous insect bites , teeth problem,also swelling appears. First of all you have to rule out the cause of swelling and then relax.


Answer by  Sheila (147)

It is likely that your six year old has allergies. Does he also have a runny nose along with the swelling? Has he been taking any antibiotics that he may have an allergy to?


Answer by  mahavin (589)

Normally swelling on child's face could be result of allergic reactions of medicines and injections. some home remedies could be, placing slices of cucumber on child's face or apply cotton swab dipped in cucumber juice would reduce swelling.


Answer by  sadiesmom (254)

I wouldn't be too concerned. It might indicate an eye or sinus infection, or slight injury. If it persists or they have a fever, I would definitely seek medical care.

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