Question by  Geoman135 (16)

What were some of the top fashion trends in the 1960's?

I am doing a report on the changes in fashion since the 1960's and need to understand some of the trends form that time.


Answer by  bradensmom (204)

Top fashion trends in the 1960's included mini-skirts, knee-high boots, bell bottom jeans, caftans, Nehru jackets for men, and clogs.


Answer by  Abby57 (329)

Headbands, wide collared polyester shirts, bell bottoms, platform shoes, long straight hair parted down the middle, leather jackets with fringe, miniskirts, hot pants, peasant blouses with embroidery, double knit fabric...


Answer by  Judith87 (79)

First and foremost, the Mini Skirt!It was a revolution for young women to wear such a simple but innovative kind of skirt and it was possible to find it in every shape and colour. Mini-dresses with A-line shape, in brilliant colour, were very trendy too. In 1960s bon ton ladies wore skinny pants and collarless jackets in pastel colours.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

Bellbottoms and loose fitting tunic style tops were major in the 1960s. Headbands worn around the head instead of today's on top of the head look were popular, too.


Answer by  GaBBy16 (38)

Some people call the 1960's ''The Mini Skirt Era'' Yes, people were wearing mini skirts although the short skirts was not really worn by many until 1966 and not nationwide until 1967.

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