Question by  BlueSlug (47)

What was the top scary movie of 2008?

A lot of scary movies came out in this year.


Answer by  janezetta (244)

Fears of the Dark was in foreign horror film that was impressive. Then there was Funny Games with Naomi Watts which was shocking. Hellboy II was probably my favorite along with Let The Right One In which was another foreign horror film about vampires. The Ruins was good but not as good as the book and Teeth was very original.


Answer by  solix (43)

If you mean "top" as in highest-grossing, then the top scary movie of 2008 is "Cloverfield." It made $40 million on opening weekend and went on to earn $80 million in the US.


Answer by  Sarah89 (46)

the Strangers is scary because the young couple kristen and James are trapped, terrorized and eventually killed in their own home by 3 people in masks. when Kristen asks why are you doing this to us? because you were home. home is meant to be a safe place.

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