Question by  sk8mafia727 (11)

What was the football scene like in the 1930s?

We have to do a history report on something that relates to us. Football is my favorite thing ever.


Answer by  Jon66 (104)

Football was a lot different in the 30s. One of the biggest things was the goalposts used to be at the front of the endzone, instead of at the back!


Answer by  Slush (41)

Football was more dangerous and not as popular in the 1930's as it is today. Baseball was America's pasttime and football was still regarded as too dangerous after numerous deaths right after the turn of the 20th century. Leather helmets with no facemasks were the standard equipment.


Answer by  RMarin (124)

In the 1930's football, at the professional level was still coming into its own. Often times, the professional teams would be pitted against college teams and the games were extremely hard fought battles. This decade also marked the smallest number of professional teams ever. This low number of teams was a direct result of the great depression.


Answer by  asir (9)

Foodball is one of the famous games in the world.Football was a lot different in 1930s.It was most dangerous and not as popular in 1930sas it is today.leather helmateswith no facemasks were the standard equipments.

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