Question by  Margaret8 (47)

Are high school, college and NFL footballs the same size?

I need to know if the regulation size of footballs are the same for all levels.


Answer by  rdharia (16)

The size of the football in high school, college, and NFL, I believe are the same size. I believe however they are a little bit wider however as you grow up from the high school to the college to the NFL. I think though that they are the same size.


Answer by  NaeNae (13)

College footballs and highschool footballs are the same size. College and high school footballs are wider to help increase the chances of kicking, throwing, and catching them. Pro footballs are a little thinner then college and high school footballs.


Answer by  Neerajsinghtomar (12)

yes the size of football is totally same everywhere. this is so because it will finally maintain the quality and integrity of game from child to an adult.

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