Question by  Annie51 (31)

What age is appropriate for the my scene barbie doll?

I am concerned that the my scene barbie doll is going to influence my daughter into growing up to fast.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

The my scene barbie doll is appropriate for children four and older, but as a parent you should always use your discretion. If you don't feel it is appropriate for you child, than you can always wait till an older age.


Answer by  nymrsu (122)

If you have reservations, then it's a no. Just because the toy is out there, doesn't make it suitable for children. If your child does get to play with a friends my scene doll, use that as a launching pad to discuss what troubles you about the toy.


Answer by  canadabee (932)

If you're concerned about barbies being inappropriate for your daughter, she's definitely too young. There's no specific appropriate age for any toy. Selecting toys that work for you and your family is about everyone being comfortable with the features of the toy as well as the values it represents. Barbie may never be right for your family.


Answer by  Kim23 (145)

I think 4 yrs old and u is a great age for my scene barbie. I don't see anything that would cause a child to grow up too soon. If there are any real serious concerns, you could always talk to your pediatrician and discuss your concerns and follow their advice.


Answer by  Anonymous

Four to seven


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Your daughter growing up to fast or inappropriately has more to do with your influence, than barbie. That being said, an appropriate age to introduce my scene barbie is around three or four years of age.


Answer by  mharwich (12)

you need not worry about this. A barbie doll is in fact a toy, and any toy a child is using their imagination to play with is a healthy part of growing up. A scene barbie doll is appropriate as early as a parent can easily sense a child is old enough.


Answer by  EJP0603 (53)

A scene barbie doll may have a lasting affect on your little girl. Toys like Bratz influence little girls to be like their dolls, and more often than not unfortunately these dolls are not good role models. Make sure your child is old enough to know between right and wrong before you give her this doll.

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