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Question by  Deb43 (579)

What type of doctor gives cortisone shots for carpel tunnel?

I have carpel tunnel but am not sure what doctor to go see.


Answer by  T1DM (175)

Your primary care Doctor may be able to give cortisol shots for carpel tunnel. You can also see an orthopedist. Ask your primary care Doctor for a referral if needed.


Answer by  cornbread (27)

Orthopedic hand doctors, Physiatrists, and Neurosurgeons are the types of doctors who specialize in the treatment of carpel tunnel syndrome. Cortisone shots may be recommended to help with pain relief for a compressed carpel ligament. Orthopedic hand docotors and Neurosurgeons can operate, if required, whereas a Physiatrist is skilled in offering cortisone shots to various areas of the human body.


Answer by  DJ97 (13)

There are several different practicioners that may be able to assist you. A family practice physician, despite the fact they may refer you elsewhere, is a good first stop. You may also see an orthopedic surgeon, and often a plastic surgeon will supplement their practice treating those affected by carpel tunnel syndrome.


Answer by  John (9008)

A general practicioner can do this; if you want more specialized treatment for carpal tunnel, which could include other therapies, you should see an orthopedist.


Answer by  swizlstk65 (33)

Evaluation by an orthopedic doctor or clinician occurs first. Then, diagnosis is done by history and physical obtained at the first visit and x-rays to rule out any fracture, growth, or arthritic component. Next, a brace may be prescribed along with rest for a period of time. Injections are done after no palliation with the above treatment, or surgery.


Answer by  kwinter1963 (18)

There is no specialty that is necessary for a doctor to give a cortisone shot. The cortisone shot may be given by a family practioner, general practitioner or any other medical doctor that holds a license to practice medicine where you live.

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