Question by  sweets (47)

Is it common to use cortisone for cats whom have arthritis?

My vet has suggested that I allow him to give my elder cat cortisone shots.


Answer by  Vanessa (387)

Yes it is very common, cortisone stops the swelling which helps the joints and soothes the pain. Another good thing to do is feed your cat sweet potato baby food or give him or her glucosimine treats.


Answer by  Sylvia (759)

Yes, it is becomming more and more common. As our pets age their joints react much as our own. Cortisone would help relieve the pain and discomfort.


Answer by  Rivka (217)

Steroid drugs are commonly used in veterinary medicine for their effects against inflammation. (For example, to give relief from the pain your elder cat suffers from arthritis. ) One thing to keep in mind is that steroid drugs are only palliative, relieving but not curing the condition. You should be able to rely on your veterinarian's advise regarding the use of steroids.


Answer by  aussiegirl (711)

yes, although you may want a blood test first. there are also natural options such as glucosamine or shark fin but these do not work for all animals.

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