Question by  drenjac (14)

Are cortisone shots safe to use in runners feet?

I was thinking of getting a cortisone shot in my feet.


Answer by  Jon65 (787)

I wouldn't recommend this. I would try to use different shoe fittings, or orthodics, maybe get an insert into your shoes. Cortisone are anti-inflammatories, and can be effective in short time periods. If used over a long time period, they actually speed up the aging process, making your feet worse.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

What are you getting the shot for? Cortisone shots are for injuries. The shot usually is given right in the bone. If you don't need one don't get one.


Answer by  wantabemedic (345)

Some use cortisone shots to continue running causing further damage to an injured foot. The shot can help with the pain while you take time to heal. Cortisone has been known to cause problems if used too much over time, so be careful about how often you get the shots.

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