Question by  Sam73 (24)

What tips can you provide for taking the emt basic test?

I am going to start testing soon to be an emt and would like advice and tips.


Answer by  elb (1105)

Take a practice test now to determine your strongest and weakest areas. Focus more study time on weak areas. Memorize, quiz yourself, and take another practice test. Don't delay studying!


Answer by  elb (1105)

To learn such a vast amount of material, you need organization and study methods. Learn all your basic definitions and terms from flash cards. Learn processes and procedures like a check list. Make a big chart with all topics, organize your notes in topics, and practice each topic every day.


Answer by  davondab (107)

Practice the procedures and remember your value ranges for vital signs, also remember your procedures for dealing with people in crisis. Practice, practice, practice!


Answer by  Brandydog (631)

You really want to space out your study sessions into many small ones rather than one big cram. There are alot of fine details and trying to shove them into your memory all at once just won't work. I would study for about 30 minutes just after I woke up and before bed as well.


Answer by  Anitta (15)

Work on the easy areas first to maximize your opportunity. Memorize the correct answers before checking answer choices. Don't waste time worrying about questions you had to guess on.

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