Question by  bala84 (15)

What tips can you give me for buying a DVD player?

I am new to the DVD trend.


Answer by  PeterA (21)

When buying a DVD player you should take in account what are the connections available on the DVD player, and potentially USB connectivity for easy viewing of your photos and movies on your TV. Also some DVD players allow scaling of the video, which is good for HDTVs.


Answer by  Yendi (62)

Find a player that has a reliable laser (This reads your DVD's.) make sure it reads all types of dvd's (dvd-r/dvd-rw/dvd-dl/dvd-r+/dvd-r-.) Stay below about $60, this is the usual range.


Answer by  pqman17 (72)

Check that it has outputs that work with your tv (and stereo sytem if you have one.) Also, if you are looking for HD quality consider an DVD up-converter.


Answer by  mightyspidey (1080)

If you are new to the DVD trend, it sounds like you still have a lot of VHS tapes that you plan on watching? If so, buy a dvd/vcr combo.

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