Question by  punartham555 (20)

What things should I consider when I am going to put a piano in storage?

I have rented a temperature control storage unit for my piano but I am still worried it could get damaged.


Answer by  Sylvia (759)

The climate control should be well maintained and dust free. Each piano should be stored individually so other items are not places on top and it should be protected inside and outside. You need to make sure it is away from any water sources.


Answer by  worker6047 (9)

When storing a piano you should consider that moisture can still enter a storage unit. You should check for drainage and also make sure it is elevated off the floor.


Answer by  vto (226)

Things to think about when putting a piano in storage is the temperature and the mositer of the storage unit.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Have the piano on a pallet or otherwise lifted off the floor so that the feet and legs cannot be damaged by spilled water or condensation. Have the keys covered to protect them.


Answer by  Dawson (0)

When it comes to storing things , security is a big concern. More importance should be given to packing facilities and climate control.

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