Question by  Kurt (4579)

What the proper name for the Bottle Brush Shrub?

The buy at the nursery never heard of it and said I should try to find out the proper name.


Answer by  Hobo (19)

There are a variety of shrubs called the Bottle Brush Shrub. In addition to multiple species, many different color morphs of the Bottle Brush Shrub also exist. The proper name for the Bottle Brush Shrub is Callistemon sp. This name is a general name for all bottle brush shrubs.


Answer by  aquamarine (33)

Bottle Brush Shrub is a woody shrub whose flowers attracts birds and insects. It is a member of Callistemon genus that belongs to the Myrtaceae family. They grow in all kinds of soil but will produce best flowers in full sun.


Answer by  larrystate (129)

The name is Callistemon. There are many types of Callistemon, so you may need to do some more research if you want a particular kind.


Answer by  snceflyf (448)

I had a Bottlebrush tree with its unique red flowers in my yard and absolutely loved it. The scientific name for this lovely evergreen shrub or tree is Callistemon. It is in the Myrtaceae botanical family.

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