Question by  USAF (13)

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for a kitchen?


Answer by  Jayandra (51)

Mostly kitchens have two or more 12 awg circuits, because of the usage of mixers, refrigerators etc. Its suggested to use 20amp circuit breakers. If 12awg wiring sysytem is followed then its can easily carry 120 vlts and 20 amps, there by protecting the kitchen wirings in a safe manner.


Answer by  Coolius (6)

For kitchens in the USA and Canada, the recommended size for a circuit breaker is 15 amps. This size would cover almost all commercial appliances and gadgets. However, some kitchens have circuits for appliances such as washer/dryer, which may require different power. These have to be separately brought in.


Answer by  fightfire50 (23)

NEC requires two twenty amp single pole circuits to serve counter top receptacles. Lights can be put on a fifteen amp single pole breaker.

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