Question by  saabmeister (15)

Since there is nothing plugged in, why is it that my circuit breaker keeps tripping?

I'm so tired of re-setting tripped circuit breaker.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

There is more than likely a short in the line for that breaker. Even though there is nothing connected to that breaker, if there is a short in the wire, the slightest vibration from your house will cause the wires to move and separate, causing the breaker to trip. Have an electrician check it out.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The concept of circuit breaker is not only with the plugged devices but about the entire wiring. If your circuit breaker trips often without connecting any devices, then there is no doubt, the fault or short circuit lies in your internal wiring. It is not advisory to reset tripped breakers without examining what has happened.


Answer by  bij (20)

You have an intermittent short circuit in the wiring between the circuit breaker and one of the outlets. Quite possibly just one single strand of wiring is occasionally arcing to ground which will cause the breaker to trip. In any event, you should contact an qualified electrician, as a circuit breaker tripping is your last "line of defense" against fire.


Answer by  marktho (56)

If you are working with the circuit breaker for so long then it could be possible that the magnetic coils inside it get damaged and we can't reuse that. One more grave problem can occur if the contacts of the circuit breaker becomes loose and there might be short circuit that should be removed as soon as possible..


Answer by  Euripides (174)

A breaker tripped with no load likely indicates a faulty circuit with an intermittent short. Age and type of breaker also plays a part; Pushmatic breakers over 20 years old can get "weak" and require replacement. Either way, your best bet is to leave the tripped breaker off and call an electrician to troubleshoot the problem. Don't risk fire!

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