Question by  Binay (29)

What should the wording be on wedding invitations where they we are having a separate ceremony and reception?


Answer by  ratnam (150)

We need not invite the people for both. It is better to attach a small slip to the wedding invitation inviting for the reception.


Answer by  joantheresa (1421)

The main invitation would be for the ceremony, of course, telling the names, the date, the place, the time, etc. Then, for those whom you want to invite to the reception also, insert a small, engraved card telling the date, time, and place for the reception.


Answer by  patti (29325)

" . . . request the honor of your presence" with date, time, location of ceremony. At the bottom of the invitation: reception to follow at XYZ Country Club, etc.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

Usually these types of wedding will state "Reception to follow at whatever location" near the bottom of the invitation with directions included.


Answer by  lennyislit (30)

"[Parents of Bride and Groom] would like to announce the union of their children [Bride and Groom] on (wedding date) at (place and address). There will be a reception following the ceremony at (place)." You might want to include the reception place and address on or with the rsvp card.


Answer by  sammy0415 (274)

The invitation part can be worded any way you want it to be (considering how formal/casual your wedding is). The only difference should be that at the very end of the invitation it should say something like "reception to follow" and then you can list the location.


Answer by  ubcmed (185)

Ceremony to be held at LOCATION reception to follow at LOCATION. Another possibility is Ceremony to be held at LOCATION at TIME. Please join us for a reception after at TIME at LOCATION.


Answer by  RCishollywood (190)

put in part one and part two and the grooms side and brides side. anything that makes it clear and easy tp understand and put call me if there are any questions.


Answer by  Liew (60)

The date for the wedding reception is on: xx/xx/2010 and the Wedding ceremony is on xx/xx/2010. For futher infomation, kindly call for rsvp.

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