Question by  wordwoman (1)

How do we word our invitations so guests know what to expect?

Our ceremony will be very small.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

You can use such descriptive words in the invitation such as "quaint" or even "small" such as "join us for a quaint ceremony in the hills"


Answer by  malone (4817)

You are not obligated to tell "guests what to expect." Invite them and let them be pleasantly surprised. Say "join us . . . " etc. and then give the relevant info.


Answer by  Abby57 (329)

You could say: "We invite you to a celebration of our marriage with our closest friends and family." If you don't want to send out invitations, send a wedding announcement after you've gotten married.


Answer by  gin (366)

"You are welcome to join our small gathering of friends and family to celebrate the beginning of out life together." I have also seen "We are inviting our closest and dearest to our special day, please come join us." (but that was a casual wedding.)


Answer by  brandi10 (816)

Since you have chosen to have a small ceremony, try to incorporate the word intimate. This typically implies that the affair will be small.

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