Question by  Ssmallfry (26)

What should my 2 and a half year old be doing?

I want to make sure he is on track with other kids his age.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

It is terrible two's time. Your child should be getting into everything, making messes, and not listening to you.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

All children progress at their own rate and it will vary by child. Most 2. 5 year old's should be talking, asking for things that they want and changing their own clothes.


Answer by  Rae (48)

They are physically able to walk, jump and climb with little/no help. They love to help with everyday tasks such as laundry or vacuuming. They like music and can sing several different songs - though the words don't always match, so they make up their own. They ask a million questions about everything and how it works.


Answer by  georgie (88)

Some milestones of this age are: the ability to sort shapes and colors, create a tower of blocks, a be jumping. However, each child is different.


Answer by  Jojoblue (468)

My two year old likes to watch TV, play interactive games online, draw with markers, says "No" all the time us, and likes to play outside.


Answer by  Tears (81)

Most kids can brush there teeth with your help, stack blocks, open doors and draw a vertical line. some kids can draw a circle put on a t-shirt and name a color. In general your child should be playing and enjoying this time with you if you have concerns about his development be sure discuss them with his doctor.

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