Question by  marcus (1)

My bearded dragon is drinking more than usual lately. Is this a sign of a problem?

He is six-and-a-half years old. He is active and eating normally, no problems.


Answer by  aquagon (30)

Maybe it's just that he is too hot because of how warm the weather has been lately. In that case, it would be pretty normal for him to drink more water than usual, after all, reptiles need it to keep their body temperatures stable, in addition to keeping themselves out of the sun once they have heated up enough.


Answer by  martshtml (300)

This doesn't seem like a big problem, maybe he is just really really thirsty. Well you might want to check if the heat in the tank is too high. This is a tough problem if there even is a problem. Consult a professional is even more serious signs occur other then this.

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