Question by  mubarak (31)

What is half of 1/4 a cup?

I am dividing a recipe in half and need to know what 1/2 a 1/4 a cup is.


Answer by  Zoso (869)

One-half of one-quarter cup is one-eighth cup. Easiest way to work this out mentally is to imagine cutting one quarter of a pie in half. Yum, pie!


Answer by  Anonymous

1/2 of a 1/4 = 1/8. 1 Cup in half = 1/2. Half of 1/2 cup is 1/4. Half of 1/4 is 1/8. In Fruit pie terms: whole pie being 1 cup. Slice in half, half pie. slice both halves in half = 4 slice again. 8 slices!


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Half of a quarter cup is an eighth cup, or 1 fluid ounce, or about 30 milliliters, depending on what measuring unit you have.

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