Question by  WARLORD (20)

What should I put in an aquarium that houses a King Baboon tarantula?

I need to prepare an aquarium for my new king baboon tarantula and do not know where to begin.


Answer by  Apolline (34)

King Baboon tarantula's like to burrow, so you should be sure that you have a soft soil they can dig into. It also works to have peat moss in their cage. They don't require that many decorations, but you can add a log to their cage. Otherwise, you can keep their items minimal.


Answer by  scooby851 (158)

Put coconut fiber on the bottom of the aquarium. An under-the-tank heating pad is best to keep a constant temperature without burning the animal. Make sure the water dish isn't too deep. Give him something to climb safely on. They like crickets, but be sure to put supplement on them.


Answer by  Rachel0518 (78)

An aquarium housing a King Baboon tarantula should have a substrate, like sand, covering the bottom of the cage. It should also include a small dish of water for the spider to drink. Decorations may be added to make the habitat appear more natural and also provide places for the tarantula to hide and feel safe.


Answer by  sandygene (39)

To bed your aquarium for your new pet King Baboon tarantula, begin with peat moss or potting soil in a 10-20 gallon tank. They eat pinhead crickets and small insects.

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