Question by  caluwi (199)

What should I look for in a gymnastics gym?


Answer by  aml (21)

While looking for a gymnastics gym, you should review the gym for its cleansiness and quality of gym (how do they maintain it, how safe is it, etc). The staff should be qualified and/or certified. Pricing is important as well, as many gymnastics teams will make the gymnast raise money in support of the gym.


Answer by  victoria67 (80)

If looking for a competitive gym, do they have the proper equipment, is the coach qualified, is there adequate room to handle the programs they are recruiting for? If you are looking for a recreational gym, see what the coach is like, class size, etc. And remember ask yourself if the location is at a distance you can commit to.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

The most important thing to look for is to make sure the coaches/instructors are safety certified. Also take a look at the equipment. Is it in good condition? Are there mats under all pieces of equipment? Watch the coaches and how they deal with the gymnasts.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

The facilitates are important but secondary to the coaching and the reputation of gym, the coach will make the gymnast if you put forth the effort. Look for professionalism and involved parents as well these mean that is quality program that keeps people around for a long time. Also look and see the improvement of girls over time.


Answer by  Camelia (662)

Well, you should look if it has proper ventilation and airing, if it's properly heated, if it has appropriate lockers, etc.


Answer by  entrepreneur (8)

it all depends on who you're looking for but generally clean facility, trampoline, pits, full olympic equipment, and a great coach who cares about safety.


Answer by  maber (1427)

You should make sure that the staff is properly trained, that the gym is safe and there is plenty of room and equipment to use. You can also check the BBB for any past complaints against them.


Answer by  kbowdridge (79)

Safety should be a major factor when choosing a gym. Is all equipment legs/wires covered? Is the floor free of debris? Are the gymnasts well supervised during?


Answer by  kbowdridge (79)

When you look at a gym you want to make sure that the equipment is well maintained and that there is plenty of padding for all equipment.


Answer by  shandilyan (180)

Some of important things you must look in a GYMNASTICS GYM : Clean,Location,Membership cost,Hours,Extra services,Personal trainers,An atmosphere,Trampolines,Trumble tramp,An effective strength & flexibility program,Membership demographic,Group fitness classes,Type/Quality of equipment,Cancellation policy. Never sign up with a gym before visiting once.

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