Question by  brbaggett (19)

What should I know if I have an impingement of the deltoid muscle?


Answer by  cresandsuzanne (115)

Try not to over exert the muscles. Refrain from putting pressure or weight on the muscle and take anti inflamiatory pain-killers.


Answer by  victoria67 (80)

There are many possible solutions to your pain: rest, anti-inflammatory medication, acupuncture, physical therapy and more. Your physician can help you determine with certainty that you do indeed have impingement of your muscle. For your comfort, try not to sleep on the affected side, try to eliminate any repetitive motion that especially aggravates it, in essence, "give it a break".


Answer by  steverino (275)

You should know that you will need physical therapy combined with focused massage to really work to release the issue and get the blood flowing.


Answer by  esquisitepetal (65)

This syndrome is caused by tendons of the rotator cuff becoming pinched. If left untreated shoulder impingements can result in a rotator cuff tear. Consult a doctor so they can find the cause of the impingement and advise you on treatment and rehabilitation.

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