Question by  casualtext (8)

What should I know about trolling for tuna in the Aegean?

i am going on a vacation soon to the Aegean.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

You will need to eat the caught fish in Aegean. Fish cannot be shipped to any other countries. You will be trolling for a sport related activity. Find someone in that area who is willing to cook the fish for you. Try a local restaurant, we have done this on many trips out of the country.


Answer by  ZackRoca21 (4)

Tuna trolling is going to be very expensive, and while you will definitely catch some, there is not much sport in the practice. For vacation it is much more fun and challenging to actually fish with a rod than to troll.


Answer by  xeroblade56 (97)

If you are looking for tuna, I would recommend a couple things. First, get any fishing permits if you need them. Second, use a fish finder so you can steady your boat, movement isnt good. Lastly, you need to fish in colder water, so no shore trolling.


Answer by  Thorie1 (59)

Tuna (bluefin,yellowfin and bigeye)can be huge, require special equipment, expertise proper crew and boat to reel them. The fish can be hevier than the breaking pressure of the fishing line you will use which means that fishing skill of letting them run, tiring them out, reeling, netting, clean and transport them need to be mastered.


Answer by  fishlover49 (643)

The first thing to remember is to have fun. Tuna are very large and require a great deal of skill as well as the proper equipment to reel them in. Finally, if you catch any fish in the Aegean be prepared to eat it there. You can not ship them.


Answer by  wwgt (7)

I personally would keep a heads up for any "rouge" waves, if you are way out to Sea, and cannot make a swim for it.

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