Question by  trinkle (60)

What should I know about taking care of a mini rex rabbit?


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

They need fresh water daily and hay at all times if possible. If kept outside in a hutch make sure they have good ventilation. Feed pellets freely until they are a couple months old and then feed 1/2 cup daily. Alfalfa hay, fresh veggies, and dandelions are among good foods for them. You can litter train rabbits.


Answer by  neatoguido (14)

The mini rex rabbit is a smaller version of the rex rabbit which means that it is more fragile. It is an ideal pet for adults but not for children because their personalities are not as laid back as the regular ones.


Answer by  rabbitlover (99)

Mini Rex and regular Rex rabbits have very short, soft fur. Since their fur is very thick they don't tolerate heat well and should be kept inside once the temperature outside reaches 80 degrees. They should not be kept in wire floored cages because their feet can get sore easily.


Answer by  NS (12)

Make sure they have a quiet place for their hutch and feed them lots of fresh veggies and timothy hay. Be very gentle with them as they are small.


Answer by  Mollichella (445)

Mini Rex rabbits can be kept either outdoors or indoors, whatever you prefer. Just remember that once you put it in one place or another, that is where it needs to stay because it will get used to the temperature. Also common things like feed it regularly and keep it's cage clean.


Answer by  vto (226)

You should know that when a rabbit changes room temperatures from 10-15 degrees it can go in to shock from the change. Also, do not have more than one in one cage if either one is over 3 months old.


Answer by  Anonymous

wow thats a lot of stuff i just got one

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