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Question by  bleo (41)

What should I know about mating my chihuahua?

I need to mate my chihuahua.


Answer by  Drew73 (126)

There's little else to know beyond the obvious in dog mating. Just make sure the female is not too old or too young and is in good health. Vet visits are more important with smaller dogs as complications tend to be more likely. Just have a vet check-up before attempting breeding and a few times during pregnancy.


Answer by  JDX (133)

Chihiahuas generally aren't the most socialized pets. So, be sure your chihuahua has been socialized early enough to be apt to be more accepting of a breeding partner.


Answer by  dentonbecca (270)

The main thing to be concerned about when mating a chihuahua is the temperament of both dogs.This will play a large influence on the temperament of the puppies.You want to be careful that neither of the parent dogs are too aggressive because this will make the puppies unattractive pets for the average owner.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

When you get into mating dogs the most important thing to know and remember is to always breed to a dog that is better than the dog you currently have that will always give prime puppies.


Answer by  mrsshelast (899)

Take your chihuahu to the vet for a health exam prior to breeding. The vet will let you know if he or she is in good health and is capable.

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