Question by  Christoph (56)

What should I know about caring for miniature lop rabbits?


Answer by  pappu (170)

caring is a very easy thing, Better provide your bunny with a 100% cotton soft mats and a little box filled with pelleted pine sawdust, which don't emit harmful substances and which are excellent at absorbing moisture and neutralizing odors. Baby rabbits eat and drink a lot, provide clean ceramic pot filled with water always.


Answer by  ldonovan7 (54)

I simply make sure that they are in a clean,hay covered, dry cage, have clean water and fresh food every single day. It is also essential for them to have some kind of entertainment whether that be a ball or even just an empty toilet paper roll to shred.


Answer by  12 (82)

Care for miniature lop rabbits is easy. Rabbits need food from a pet store, water, and wood chips for the bottom of their cage. You can find rabbit care books by searching amazon keyword search how to take care of rabbits. Rabbits make great pets and they are simple to take care of.


Answer by  jennycountrysidegirl (96)

When you are caring for a miniature lop rabbit it is important to know a few things. A lop does best in a cage not lined with shavings as they can cause breathing problems for them. When socializing with him/her remember that it takes them some time and finally keep a ceramic crock for them to sleep in.


Answer by  megmon (8)

Shavings are not appropriate for mini rabbitts, or any small animal for that matter. you are better off using cotton and a litter box that is filled with pelletted pine sawdust


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Make sure when caring for miniature lop rabbits that you have them a good cage to live in and feed them well.

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