Question by  basil (311)

What should I know about buying vintage golf clubs?

I want to know what to look for in vintage golf clubs.


Answer by  byrdsoup (58)

When buying vintage clubs you need to make sure you are buying club that has been cared for by an individual that cares about they're equipment. Not only can rot in the wood effect the performance of your clubs but they can diminish the value of your purchase.


Answer by  bigk (33)

Vintage golf clubs are very collectible. You can still use them, but new technology will benefit your golf swing better. The older and rarer a club is, the more it should be worth. Look for persimmon woods, wood shafted clubs, and leather hand wraps.


Answer by  Jim23 (303)

vintage golf clubs, just like regular antiques, can be very worn with age and use. The grips will be smooth, paint and finish, will be dull unless extreme care has been exercised. They can be very valuable indeed, well over a thousand dollars for a Bobby Jones Putter. The materials will be made of Wood and Steel.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

Vintage clubs may be attractive and fun, but they may not offer some of the newer equipment changes that can make a big difference in someone's game. You will want to know how a particular vintage set does or not differ from new equipment around such things as size of the driver head, weight, club face forgiveness, shaft flexibility, etc.


Answer by  Peter1995 (103)

To buy vintage golf clubs, you must look for them at garage sales and on ebay. They are harder to find at those places but you will get them a lot cheaper. Then, you must always do research. If someone says the have a 1920's Nike club, then it's a fake because there was no Nike in 1920!


Answer by  burker72 (29)

Look for overall condition including the condition of the shaft, club head and grip. Original vs restored is always preferred. Fancy face designs and star endorsements increase value.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

The most important thing is the condition the clubs are in (whether or you are planning to play with them or not).

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