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Question by  ganesh25 (11)

What are the best golf clubs for a boy that is five feet tall?

My son loves to play golf and would like clubs for Christmas.


Answer by  matt80 (142)

It depends on the age and strength of the boy. Assuming he is in his early teens or younger then a ladies model golf club would work well. If he does not want to play with a ladies club, he should be fitted for clubs with a light, flexible shaft.


Answer by  Deepali (68)

Well there is lot of golf clubs for five feet tall boy. He can choose Wilson , Ping , King cobra to play golf.


Answer by  SteveWilliams (22)

If he is around the age of 10-13 and is serious about golf, I would recommend a set of womens irons. They will have the proper high and shaft flex for someone that size. Power Bilt makes a good, affordable womens set.


Answer by  Zach48 (50)

I would suggest a nice set of Maxfli Black Max clubs. It has two hybrid irons (3 and 4 irons) and comes with club covers.

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