Question by  rosen (218)

What should I know about asiatic lilly care?


Answer by  Kerrelyn295 (59)

My Asiatics bloom from the bottom up and I trim the dead blooms when the stalks start turning brown by pruning right below where the flower was. In late fall I trim the whole plant back to about 2 inches off the ground so I can tell where they are.


Answer by  RoyalT (116)

Well be prepared for lots of lilies eventually. If your bed of flowers starts to get really thick just dig some up and split off any new bulbs. You can then plant them in other areas of your yard or gift them out to friends. You can also pot them.

Reply by AlaskanBeauty (76):
Scaling can also be done for propagating them... also watch for the seeds... seeds dropping all over the ground will eventually germinate right there unless birds carry them off :-)  add a comment

Answer by  DixieDaisy (112)

Caring for Asiatic Lily isn't very difficult. Plant them no deeper in the ground then they were in the nursery pot. Use a good slow release or long term fertilizer. They should be about 6 to 9 inches apart and can be planted in groups of 10 or 15 plants.

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