Question by  Lelob313 (24)

How do you care for a staghorn fern?

I need to care for my staghorn fern.


Answer by  tacmedic (34)

You only need some spagnum moss to grow your fern. The easiest thing to do is to set your fern on a board on a pile of the moss and secure it with a wire. Water only enough to keep the moss damp and spongy.


Answer by  Kris (797)

These plants need bright light, so place it near a window. Water twice weekly, and try to get water to the center of plant. Mist during low humidity.


Answer by  JeanneBaney (56)

Plant the fern in a hanging pot with a clump of phagnum moss underneath it. Hang in a shaded area and water it only when the moss is dry.


Answer by  arainey (49)

The best care for your staghorn fern is to avoid bright direct light. Make sure you fertilize with a fish based fertilizerm, and water the staghorn fern only once a week to avoid over watering.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have have five staghorn ferns in baskets on the north side of my property that are hanging from oak trees. I give mine potassium pills disolved in water once a month. I have found that it is better not to cover them in the winter. Good luck

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