Question by  Janet73 (78)

How do I add customer supplied fonts to the font of a book?

I am using a Mac to produce put the finishing touches on a book for a friend.


Answer by  afamb (557)

To make sure the text stays the same you should select and copy the text from the original document. When you place it into the word processor you are using on the make there will be an option to retain the original text formatting.


Answer by  worker5232 (24)

if you are running leopard then you just double click your. ttf (or whatever font extension it has) and it will be installed. you can then see it in photoshop and illustrator or any other program you use. hope i could help you


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Just copy the fonts on your system into the directory/users/(your user name)/Library/Fonts or to Library/Fonts. If you have a windows font to import use tt-converter.


Answer by  bettylou (69)

Close any open applications. Open the disk or folder that contains the fonts you want to install. Drag and drop the selected fonts into the fonts folder.


Answer by  astrojazz (367)

This depends on the word processing software you are using. The process can vary significantly depending on your software so the best bet is to consult the user manual for your specific software.

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