Question by  sashangeljaz (992)

What should I expect when looking for someone to do pop-up camper repairs?


Answer by  karen49 (36)

First, you should understand the camper yourself so you can ask the right questions of the repairman. Call several dealers and ask about availability of parts in stock, time frame for repairs, experience with the problem, and pricing. After general info is received, take the camper in and walk thru the situation with repairman.


Answer by  Kevin16 (56)

Searching on the internet works well if you are hoping to find parts and pieces for do-it-yourself repairs. We replaced the whole canvas on a camper, with just a few basic home tools and saved ourselves a bundle. Most repair parts come with instructions and some are self-explanatory.


Answer by  H797H (157)

You should expect that they do not specialize in that one particular thing; unless of course you brought your pop-up to a dedicated RV dealer.

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