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Question by  canmattbc (29)

What repairs are necessary to fix electric brakes on a camper which are sticking?

The brakes have been sticking for about the past 200 miles, or 3 hours. If I take the camper in for repairs, what will be done, and how long will it take?


Answer by  Advizor (230)

First thing there going to check is the mechanical functioning components, there are self adjusters that can become jammed from brake dust. After that it's time to look for a electrical short to ground. There is a battery for the brake away system that activates the brakes to full force if it becomes disconnected from the vehicle.


Answer by  LisaLisa (122)

Brake controller will be checked for faults. Tires will be removed. Brake drums will be removed/checked. Brake electrical will be checked for shorts. All freely moving parts will be checked for binding. Binding parts will be replaced, adjusted,or cleaned as needed. Could take 4 hours for every senario.


Answer by  Shawn22 (138)

Since you just replaced then it must be the rotors that are causing the friction between then clamps and the rotors. My best advice is to either ask a repair shop to over look it then you can repair it yourself so that you know the exact cause. Or you forgot to put lubricant on the brake pads.


Answer by  NateB (571)

Electric brakes on campers and trailers are actually drum brakes. The electric name just means they are operated electrically and not by hydraulics. The repairs will be the same as any other brake job on drum brakes. They will replace the pads, resurface or replace the drum, and should also readjust the tensioning spring.

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