Question by  missypoo98 (96)

How many pads should I take to camp?

If I am on time I should not have my period while I am at camp, and my flow type is probably medium.


Answer by  malone (4817)

If you must use pads, think about how often you change them. Calculate what you need for the time away, then take twice that. You'll have extras, won't have to worry and you can share if need be.


Answer by  cratchett (6)

Timing is not always everything, if you will have it after your camping trip, take 2 pads for every day that you will be camping that you think you will be free. If you will have it before, take 1 for every day that you will be free.

Reply by malone (4817):
I take it you are male?  add a comment

Answer by  kitty63 (161)

When you are camping I would recommend trying to carry tampons rather than pads. The reason I would suggest this is if you don't have a bathroom the tampons are way better for the environment rather then burring the plastic part of tampons.

Reply by missypoo98 (96):
thank you girls camp went great and I did not have my period till the day after i got home  add a comment

Answer by  Anonymous

take about enough for 5 pads a day, and then times that by the number of days you will be there. don't forget pantiliners and tampons!


Answer by  Anonymous

3 or 4 per hour, so caculate frum there on, depending how many hours, then days you will be on your period.

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