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Question by  Shyamala (15)

What is a heart blood clot test?

I do not understand what they do for a heart blood clot test.


Answer by  pc (46)

There are quite a few tests that can be performed to check for blood clots. Ultrasound is the most common, then there is a flouroscopy, this is when a dye is injected into your veins and an x-ray is taken to check for blockage, a blood test to check for D-Dimer can also be used.


Answer by  Jebjow (44)

A heart blood clot test will monitor for how well your blood clots. If your blood clotting time is slow, you are at increased risk of developing a clot in your heart (lungs, veins, brain) which in turn would cause you to have a heat attack. If your blood clots slow, you are at increased risk of bleeding.


Answer by  worker31 (37)

Physicians will look for blood clots or plaque in your arteries for numerous reasons. A clot can become dislodged causing an pulmonary embolism, which can be very life threatening. Blocked arteries can also result in heart attacks, which cause irreversible damage to the muscles of the heart. Finding out about blockages will save your life, ignorance is not bliss!

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