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Question by  Megan80 (161)

What should I expect after an IUD removal?

I am having my IUD removed tomorrow and like to know what the rules are on having them removed.


Answer by  queenbee77 (146)

Most of the time a local anethestic is applied at the time of the actual removal so you will not feel much discomfort. There may be slight cramping afterwards.

posted by Anonymous
if you haven't give natural birth, getting the IUD inserted for the 1st time it can be very painful, the doctor will use local anesthesia. Then getting it removed its painful as well pain last for 5 secs.  add a comment

Answer by  mistikminds (7)

The IUD removal process is very quick with minimal pain. After your IUD is removed expect cramping and bleeding. Taking aspirin before the procedure helps. Don't forget pantyliners!


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

Usually the removal process is quicker and easier than insertion of an IUD. Removal of an IUD during menstruation allows for a softer cervix and possibly easier removal. Mild cramping and bleeding can occur for a week after removal, but you shouldn't need more than aspirin or ibuprofen for pain.


Answer by  demona (72)

your doctor should be the one to remove the IUD. If your considering pregnancy you can start within 1 week. I myself have have one.


Answer by  Meagan87 (197)

After you have an IUD removed you may experience some light spotting. You may get a full menstrual period following the removal of the device. Removal is usually painless as well.


Answer by  cashian (376)

The assumption is you are currently menstruating, since IUD's are easier to remove during your cycle. Your doctor will use clamps to grab the strings and pull out the IUD.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

Removal is relatively routine. You may have some discomfort and bleeding shortly after removal. Also avoid unprotected sex for a week prior to removal as there is a pregnancy risk.


Answer by  maber (1427)

All you need to do is schedule an appointment with the doctor who put it in. They go over how it's taken out and what you can expect from it. You just lay back and he pulls it out. It's no cost to you or to the insurance company.

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