Question by  Kevin (21)

How long will it take to get pregnant after removing an IUD?


Answer by  yvalentine05 (17)

It depends on how quickly your body adapts to the change after the IUD is removed especially since everyone doesn't have the same body type. It is possible for some women to become pregnant within a month after the removal of an IUD, however for others it may take a little longer.


Answer by  Anonymous

I had the 10 yr IUD I removed it 8 yrs later it has been just about a year and I am still trying to conceive my period is a nightmare. Never thought I would say that. Every woman's body is different.


Answer by  Xombicide (99)

I had a mirena removed in January and it only took my husband and I one month (one complete menstrual cycle) to get pregnant. The mirena site says you can get pregnant right after removal. It varies with each woman. Typically it takes anywhere from 1-6 months.


Answer by  Anonymous

i removed mu IUD in november 2010 but iam trying to get pregeant but i always got my period. i don't underdtand why am not getting pregnent


Answer by  jennyv8 (133)

It can take as little as one month to get pregnant. However, it varies from woman to woman, and it is dependent upon your individual fertility, hormone chemistry and ovulation cycle.


Answer by  Anonymous

i remove mine in jan 2011 en up to now i have not conceived but ma periods are regular and normal


Answer by  browneyez (2)

I just got got the mirena taken out two month ago. But now my menstral is cutting shorter days with each passing month. It usually last 5 days. Is this normal?

posted by Anonymous
Yes, Having irregular periods is normal. It will take couple menstrual cycles for your body to get back to normal.  add a comment

Answer by  kickrocks (0)

It depends. When I removed mine I got pregnant in the first month, some take several months to a year to successfully conceive.

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