Question by  Angel (44)

Which is better, an IUD or the birth control pill?


Answer by  jmcew (139)

Both are very effective. The pill you have to remember to take every day. It can cause weight gain, mood/sex drive changes, but also lighter periods and clearer skin. The IUD lasts for years at at time, but can increase the length and heaviness of your periods.


Answer by  Anita27 (656)

An IUD is a better birth control option than the pill because you do not have to remember to take it everyday. Human error greatly reduces the effectiveness of birth contol pills.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

An IUD is generally better. Its advantages include never having to remember to take a pill, lasting up to 5 years without a doctor's visit, and no hormones that can interfere with your body's natural function. It is also more reliable than the pill, since you never lose its benefit by getting ill or needing antibiotics.


Answer by  Wackonorm (164)

Historically IUD has caused more health problems and side effects than the birth control pill. You can stop taking birth control pills at any time unlike IUD.


Answer by  evinrude (16)

The birth control pill is better because it is a less invasive method of contraception and has less restrictions involved with using it.


Answer by  Mbn (32)

The birth control pill is better because it is 99.9% effective in stopping pregnancy in women of all ages. It is recommended by all doctors when having sex in bed.

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