Question by  bbk1313 (45)

What should I do if the flea bombs are not working?

I have tried flea bombs twice and they don't work.


Answer by  thattractorguy (2970)

Vacuum all your carpet and cloth furniture thoroughly with a vacuum. Then bomb again. Vacuum and bomb everyday and they will eventually disappear. While you are treating this problem, move your pets outside if possible and make sure to treat them with flea medicine.


Answer by  Camy (162)

After the flea bomb, you should vacuum all carpet and upholstery right after. The flea sack is waterproof and any chemicals will probably not penetrate until they hatch. The sacks hatch new fleas about every 3 days. Try shampooing right after bombing, sometimes the fleas can't stand the soap. Good Luck!


Answer by  Bobinski (1652)

Fleas hatch every 10 days so you have to work fairly fast. After you use a flea bomb you have to vacuum the house well. You also have to be certain the animal (if you have one) has been treated for fleas. The best management is prevention. Thorough cleaning of pet resting areas inside and out.


Answer by  GanaElee (90)

Follow directions on the product exactly, as flea bombs are toxic especially to children and pets. Often using flea bombs means you have an infestation and will probably need to set them off again in a few days to get the fleas that hatch in the meantime. Do this about 5 to 7 days apart.

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