Question by  whitekeys (112)

If I have replaced my door bell button and my chime is not working, what could be wrong?

I have been working on my door bell all morning and can not seem to determine what could be wrong.


Answer by  Bo99 (392)

First, you should check if your connections are correct. Also, you could check if the fuse didn't get off. Finally if that didn't solve your problem, it is possible the that new chime is broken and need to be replaced.


Answer by  bogeyman (119)

Most doorbells are simply a transformer that provides 24 volts to the ringer and a switch (the button). If you replaced the button and did not turn off the power to the transformer, you may have blown the transformer. Don't worry, they are inexpensive and available at home improvement stores


Answer by  homehelper (29)

In most homes a doorbell consists of the button, the ringing mechanism, and the wiring that connects them. If the button has been replaced and you are certain that the ringing mechanism, or chime, is working then you should verify that the wiring is connected. This can be done easily with a meter.


Answer by  rjs108 (310)

There are several reasons your chime not working. First, you need to check the wiring to the chime to ensure that the contacts are still in place. Also make sure that the wires were correctly hooked to the new chime. There could be a voltage problem, too. Lastly, you could have a defective chime.


Answer by  parveen (31)

First check your connections weather are correct or not and also check your fuse did not get off. Make sure that the wires are correctly hooked to the new machine and they leads to both sets of chimes is tight. you should also check the voltage.Plungers in the bell may be stuck. Maybe you need to replace it doorbell.

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