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Question by  JYas (68)

What should I do if my Toyota truck clutch won't engage?


Answer by  drpsycho (43)

1-Push the clutch pedal to the end. 2-Move the gear shifter into first gear. 3-start the engine just enough that the engine begins to crank then turn the key off. If the vehicle didn't move when the engine made noise then the clutch needs repair.


Answer by  louie (20)

One of the reasons may be because your truck's clutch fluid is already depleted. Try re-filling it with brake/clutch fluid


Answer by  NateB (571)

The clutch is either so worn out that it doesn't reach the transmission or your slave cylinder is out of fluid. Check the fluid resovoir first. If it's full then it's probably time for a new clutch. Also check that the clutch cable isn't broken.


Answer by  okaylumberjack (83)

Get a Toyota repair manual, and follow the steps to adjust the clutch and see if this helps. It is likely though, that this is a real problem, like you have a worn out clutch. If the vehicle is old, this is pretty likely, as clutches have to replaced intermittently, especially depending on your driving and clutch habits.

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